10 facts about Miss Monique

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Miss Monique is considered one of the world’s fastest-rising Progressive House DJs and among one of the genre’s most recognized female DJs based in Europe. Check out 10 facts about this rising artist below.

1. She is Ukrainian.

Originally based out of Kyiv, Miss Monique is proud of where she comes from. In February 2022, she shared how she and her family spent sleeping in cars in Kyiv at the start of the Russian invasion. Her family then had to move to a city in the west of Ukraine soon after in March. Since then, she has gone on to continue to show support for her country by performing at fundraising events.

2. She’s 30 years old.

Born in 1992, Monique is 30 years old and is set to turn 31 on May 5th. If you’re interested in zodiac signs, this makes her a Taurus.

3. She started her career over a decade ago.

Despite being considered a rising artist, she actually launched her career in 2011. For the first two years, she performed mostly throughout Ukraine.

4. Her real name is Olesia Arkusha.

Despite being publicly known as Miss Monique, her name actually isn’t Monique at all. Towards the start of her career, she and her partner thought her birth name, which is Olesia Arkusha, sounded too complicated for her international audience. Therefore, they agreed on “Miss Monique” after considering various French names.

5. She started on YouTube.

Unlike many other popular DJs today, Olesia came to fame by bringing the old school back with a conversion of classic radio mixes into her YouTube podcasts. She gained followers in the electronic music world after the launch of her YouTube channels known as “Mind Games” and “MiMo Weekly.”

6. She still gains thousands of views online.

Miss Monique continues to share videos online with her thousands of subscribers. Some of her videos posted on YouTube routinely reach half a million views, and some surpass millions of views. Miss Monique’s most viewed set on Radio Intense channel has 11+ million views. In total, she has 100+ million views on YouTube.

7. She founded her own label.

Miss Monique founded her own label ‘Siona Records’ in 2019. As a Ukrainian-founded label, it stopped representing and working with Russian artists back in 2022. According to its website, the label was founded “initially to usher young Ukrainian sound producers into the world of progressive house, and quickly evolved to support and collaborate with talented musicians from around the world.”

8. She is active on Instagram.

To date, Miss Monique has 400,000+ followers on Instagram. Her page showcases her upcoming tour dates, live performances, and new releases. You will also get to see various photos of her rocking her signature green hair.

9. She has merch for sale.

If you’re a fan of Miss Monique, one of the best ways to support an artist is to purchase their merchandise. Miss Monique has an array of merch that often features graphics and her profile. Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat, she has something for everyone.

10. She’s recently toured the world.

Despite being Europe-based, Miss Monique regularly travels the world to entertain audiences across countries and cities. Between March and April 2023 alone, Miss Monique toured various locations within the USA, UK, Mexico, South America, and Europe.

If you’re interested in learning more about Miss Monique, follow her on her social media channels listed above to get updated in real-time and learn about her tour schedule. 

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