10 facts about Xenia (UA)

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Xenia (UA), a Ukrainian DJ and producer, describes her style as techno, featuring charm and excellent technique that gives her audience energy to dance. Having launched her career in 2016, Xenia’s YouTube videos have since reached millions of views from a worldwide audience. However, her career is just kicking off as she makes new endeavors as a DJ as well as an entrepreneur. See ten facts about this multi-talented artist below.

1. She is Ukrainian.

Xenia was born in a small town within western Ukraine’s Ternopil region. As she started university in 2013, Xenia relocated to the country’s capital, Kyiv. She remains proud of her home country, often showcasing the Ukrainian flag during her shows.

2. She dropped out of university to pursue music.

She started her studies at the University of Technology and Design in Kyiv. However, at just 18 years old, she dropped out of her university to focus on growing her music career within Kyiv’s lively nightlife scene.

3. It took a few years for her career to solidify.

While she moved to Kyiv in 2013, it was in 2016 that Xenia’s career began to take off with her debut of two video DJ mixes on the Radio Intense streaming project. Both of these videos collected more than a million views. By this time, Xenia was also playing regularly at private events.

4. She started learning music at age 10.

Knowing at a young age her passion for music, Xenia started playing musical instruments at the age of 10. In fact, she was so eager to learn to play the accordion that she enrolled in a music school that required her to walk 20km for every class.

5. By 2018, she became a regular in Kyiv’s nightlife.

Before she was touring internationally, Xenia performed and quickly became a resident at Heaven, a famous afterparty club in Kyiv. Shortly after, she was touring throughout her home country with her schedule consisting of headliner club events as well as music festivals.

6. She performed at France’s famous Fête de la Musique.

In June 2022, Xenia closed out France’s annual Fête de la Musique concert, which was hosted in main courtyard of the Élysée Palace, with one of her energizing techno sets. Her set was attended by over 2,000 people, including French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron. Before she started her set, Macron briefly addressed the war in Ukraine and shared France’s solidarity with the country. The French president even got on stage to dance alongside Xenia. The interaction was covered by France’s Huffington Post.

7. She founded her own record label.

During the pandemic, Xenia used her new-found free time strategically by launching her own techno label, Numen, in partnership with IAMT Music Group. Currently, the label represents various techno producers from an array of backgrounds.

8. She was on the cover of DJ Mag Spain.

As Xenia continues to reach international audiences, her feature was the cover story for DJ Mag Spain’s 145 editions in March 2023. In addition to a feature about her work, she also performed live at the company’s headquarters, which can be viewed below.

9. She’ll be on tour this summer.

If you’re looking to experience Xenia’s talent live, she is set to go on an international tour this summer, making appearances throughout Europe and abroad. You can find keep on to date regarding her upcoming tour dates by following her Instagram profile.

10. Her performances are also on YouTube.

If you’re unable to go to one of Xenia’s live performances, you can get a taste of her sets from the comfort of your home. Her YouTube channel consists of various set videos that have been viewed millions of times. Furthermore, she currently has over 24k subscribers.

Image Credits: Instagram @xenia_ua

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