House Nest Podcast By Ed Ed


Today we welcome Edmond Weinfeld aka Ed Ed.

Patience is a virtue, and it will pay off handsomely when you listen to Ed Ed’s new recordings on labels such as Get Physical, Exploited, Watergate Records, Moodmusic, and others. His DJ mixes will pull you in, spew you out, and leave you a sweaty, happy mess in a calculated and engaging manner.

Bass groove twangs and rasps over a snappy beat, with a minimal approach to the accompaniments, opted for at first. Pitched-down vocals add haunting layers, and deep in the mix a droning techno synth rises and falls. Dashes of scintillating melodic scales work their way into the mix, heavily reverbed into the background. Next, a pizzicato-style blip riff passes through the track. Stabs pepper the track with more rhythmic intent, their tails extended here and there to draw them out further and deeper. All the while the shakers shuffle on and the beat and bass keep driving us forward.

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Owner and founder of House Nest.