Adam Beyer drops a banging 3-track EP ‘Ghost Kiss’ on Drumcode: Listen

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Techno enthusiasts, rejoice! Adam Beyer is back with a powerful new 3-track EP ‘Ghost Kiss’ on his renowned Drumcode label. Long-time fans of Adam will surely recognize these once-so-called IDs.

Fans of Adam Beyer will definitely be familiar with the tracks from this EP. They have been staples in his live sets for a while now. And this familiarity has only heightened the anticipation and excitement surrounding the official release, allowing listeners to experience these powerful tracks in their full, mastered glory.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Ghost Kiss’, a mesmerizing blend of pulsating rhythms and haunting melodies. This track sets the tone for the EP, showcasing Beyer’s signature style of deep, driving basslines intertwined with atmospheric elements. The track builds gradually, creating an intense, hypnotic groove that is sure to captivate listeners on the dancefloor.

The second track, ‘Pilot’, takes the energy up a notch with its relentless beats and intricate layers of sound. The track perfectly exemplifies Beyer’s ability to blend complex, evolving soundscapes with a driving, danceable rhythm. The track features a series of dynamic shifts, keeping the listener engaged and highlighting Beyer’s prowess in crafting immersive techno experiences.

The EP closes with ‘Jack’, a track that combines powerful, pounding beats with ethereal, otherworldly synths. ‘Jack’ encapsulates the essence of Beyer’s sound, merging the raw energy of techno with a sophisticated, almost cinematic quality. The track’s intricate production and attention to detail make it standout, rounding off the EP on a high note.

Adam Beyer’s ‘Ghost Kiss’ EP is a testament to his continued innovation and influence in techno. Each track offers a unique experience, from the haunting melodies of ‘Ghost Kiss’ to the relentless energy of ‘Pilot’ and the cinematic quality of ‘Jack’. This EP is a must-listen for any techno fan and a worthy addition to Beyer’s impressive discography.

If you haven’t already, check out ‘Ghost Kiss’ on Drumcode and experience the magic of Adam Beyer’s latest creation. This EP is set to make waves in the electronic music scene and solidify Beyer’s status as a techno legend.

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