ADRIANNA: Lighting Up Dance Floors Worldwide with Unparalleled Beats

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Today, we’re thrilled to connect with the UK’s trailblazing producer and DJ, ADRIANNA. In this exclusive interview, we delve into her musical journey, influences, and the vibrant beats that are setting the global dance scene ablaze. Join us as we get to know the dynamic force behind Temple House Music and her electrifying sound.

We’re delighted to present ADRIANNA, a luminary in the realm of tech house and techno, hailing from the UK’s bustling music scene. Her pulsating beats have set dance floors around the world ablaze. With chart-toppers like ‘Confidence’ and ‘Falling’ making waves, 2023 promises to be a landmark year for this powerhouse artist. In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of delving into her musical evolution, eclectic influences, and the exciting ventures she envisions for her label, Temple House Music, and beyond.

ADRIANNA’s musical odyssey is a testament to her steadfast commitment and limitless ingenuity. Having fine-tuned her craft through courses at Toolroom Logic Production and Point Blank Music School, her ardor for music production resonates in each composition. From enthralling audiences across the UK to captivating crowds in far-flung locales like Mexico and the Maldives, ADRIANNA’s global impact continues to soar. With a high-voltage event featuring Franky Wah and Rebuke slated for September 2023, the anticipation surrounding her upcoming releases and ventures, both through her label and her performances, is palpable. Join us as we explore the beats, influences, and exciting future endeavors of this exceptional artist.

Your music is known for blending vocals with tough, club-ready beats. Can you share some insights into your creative process and how you achieve this unique sound?

I love to dance, and sing so when I’m making tracks, I’m always keeping this in mind. Are there some memorable vocals? is there a bassline that gets people moving? That’s the type of style I like.

“Confidence” and “Falling” have been significant releases for you in 2023. Could you tell us about the inspiration behind these tracks and what they represent in your musical journey?

“Confidence” came together naturally. What makes it stand out is the pitched down vocal before the drop. It was one of those additions in the mixing stage that really makes the track unique. “Falling” went through a bit more of an evolution where I sat on it for a few months before adding the female vocal. That took it to a completely new place.

Your musical style seems to draw from a diverse range of influences. Can you share some of the artists or genres that have inspired you the most?

Roger Sanchez, Miss Kitten, Benni Benassi, Mark Knight, Carl Cox. I listened to a lot of House and Electro growing up.

Graduating from the Toolroom Logic Production course and completing an advanced course in Ableton with Point Blank Music School in London and Ibiza is quite an achievement. How have these courses influenced your approach to music production?

Learning different techniques, genres, and approaches to producing. There isn’t a “right way” everyone has their preferred way of composing and mixing or instruments and plugins. I believe, in the end sound choice and developing your ears is the most important thing and that is something that comes over time and hours put in.

You’ve had the opportunity to perform in various countries and alongside renowned artists. Is there a particular performance or collaboration that stands out as a defining moment in your career so far?

Opening for Marco Carola was great for me at Frobidden Forest this year. Opening for Roger Sanchez on multiple occasions with my Groovebox Residency, as he’s long been one of my biggest inspirations.

Living in the UK but performing internationally, how do different cultures and environments influence your music and performance style?

That’s huge for me, I’ve experienced a lot of different cultures and I’m like a sponge when I travel. I’m a bit addicted to seeing new faces, hearing new languages, and learning about our differences and similarities. I love listening to the radio if I’m in a taxi in another country, I’m always shazaming things. It’s the commercial stuff but I like to know what people are listening to. I’m always curious about that.

Could you shed some light on your label, Temple House Music? What motivated you to start your own label, and what kind of music can we expect from it in the future?

Temple House Music, has officially launched in 2023 and is something that happened naturally. I’m not great at submitting demos and waiting for reply’s and it was important for me to get music I love out to the world. We have more releases planned to come as well as stages and events.

Looking ahead to 2023, what are your goals and aspirations in terms of your music career? Are there any specific projects or collaborations you’re particularly excited about?

I do have a couple of collaborations and remixes that I’m excited about but not ready to announce so stay tuned!

You’re set to share the stage with Franky Wah and Rebuke in September 2023. What can fans expect from this event, and what are you most looking forward to about it?

We have an awesome line-up at Electric Garden also including Danny Howard, Volaris, Edgar De Ramon and more. Expect incredible music, dancers, fire, the whole experience!

In an ever-evolving music industry, what advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers who are looking to make their mark and build a successful career?

Honestly, if you can do something else and be happy do it. But if you can’t than keep going, be prepared to sacrifice, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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