Agents Of Time release new euphonious single ‘Friend of Mine’

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The new single ‘Friend Of Mine’ by the Italian duo Agents Of Time, featuring UK-based artist Ross Quinn, takes the form of a captivating, profound, and entrancing melodic techno composition.

Agents of Time, the project title for DJs Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo, released their first single of 2024 on Tomorrowland Music, the dedicated music division within Tomorrowland. The 5 minute 51 second track titled ‘Friend of Mine,’ which was created with the help of UK-based artist and writer Ross Quinn, skillfully cultivates both tension and anticipation and adds to there their distinctive blend of melodious elements and atmospheric techno creates a rich sonic experience.

Agents of Time are known for their contributions to the electronic music scene, particularly in the techno genre. They gained recognition for their innovative and atmospheric approach to techno, incorporating strong melodies and intricate soundscapes into their productions. When it comes to their live performances, the duo famously orchestrates their performances around a square table, positioned face-to-face. This unique setup translates into symbiotic energy.

Originally inspired by Mathew Jonson, the duo’s live set reflects a complexity and uniqueness that has contributed to their success.In 2019, Agents of Time collaborated with Jonson himself on their inaugural studio collaboration, titled ‘Repeating Patterns, Numbers and Letters.’ Following the collaboration, they shared joint performances at notable venues such as Rex Club in Paris and the Movement Festival in Torino.

Stream Agents Of Time – ‘Friend of Mine (feat. Ross Quinn)’

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