AM.I presents her powerful EP ‘The Aftermath’

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Emerging from the Belgian scene, AM.I, joins forces with the esteemed UK-based techno label Apex for her latest EP, ‘The Aftermath’.

Belgium has long been known for its vibrant nightlife scene, with its pulsating beats and eclectic mix of genres. But in recent years, a new artist has captivated audiences with her unique approach to melodic techno music. AM.I‘s evolution since 2016 has been remarkable, as she navigates her artistic journey with fearless experimentation, breathing new vitality into the genre.

With a sharp, dark edge to her tracks, AM.I has quickly become a rising star in the Belgian music scene. Her original productions have caught the attention of many, leading to a recent collaboration with UK-based techno label Apex. Now together, they present her latest EP, ‘The Aftermath’, a three-track masterpiece that perfectly balances melody, driving beats, and dark atmospheres.

Titled ‘The Aftermath’, the EP’s centerpiece showcases AM.I’s experimentation with new techniques, resulting in a darker and more dynamic sound. The track stands as proof of her evolution, boldly pushing the limits of melodic techno to forge a new path.

But it’s not just ‘The Aftermath’ that highlights AM.I’s talent. ‘Energy Aligned’, the 2nd track on the EP, further showcases her evolution and exploration of new ideas. It seamlessly fuses an invigorating Reese bass with a powerful yet pristine sub-bass, complemented by impeccably crafted percussion. AM.I’s the relentless pursuit of novel sounds and techniques shines through, crafting a captivating sonic journey.

And finally, ‘Channeling Emotions’ concludes the EP with a hauntingly beautiful track that showcases AM.I’s versatility as an artist. With haunting vocals that offer a glimpse into the future of her music, this track leaves listeners wanting more.

AM.I’s music is a perfect representation of her dedication and passion for her craft. She takes inspiration from her surroundings and creates a world of her own through her music, inviting listeners to join her on this journey. As AM.I continues to push boundaries and evolve as an artist, one thing is certain — her music will persist in captivating and mesmerizing audiences, both in Belgium and beyond. 

Image Credits: JONAS VAN BOUWEL (Press Kit)

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