Ameli Paul drops touching new EP ‘Love For One Another’

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German vocal electronica duo Ameli Paul release a new EP, via MEIOSIS Records, that attempts to unite us with love.

In times like these, where pain and hardship seems to be inevitable, the world feels in desperate need of positivity. German vocal electronica duo Ameli Paul hope to bring that positivity and love to as many people in the world as far as possible. The duo traveled all across the world, touring on their album ‘Echoes of Memoria‘ and captivated audiences at numerous festivals. Recently, Ameli Paul dropped a new EP titled ‘Love For One Another‘, reflecting on their melancholic, yet hopeful world views.

‘Love For One Another’, the title track begins with a light thudding beat and tinny synths, along with sandy percussion. The beat stays in front of the mix but still allows the bassline, pained vocals, and retro synths to shine. ‘Hangry‘ starts with stringy synths, some simplistic bass, and tinny beats before it picks up and the synths get brighter. The vocals on this track feel particularly reminiscent of Lana Del Rey‘s, as they have a more noticeable husk applied. Alongside the original mix, Skatman provides a remix of “Hangry” as well, adding a more House-style beat and staccato synths.

Ameli Paul certainly got their message across with their latest EP, as it feels melancholic with a hint of hope. Hope can be a scary thing at certain times and in certain hands, but I’d put my hope in theirs.

Check out an amazing performance by Ameli Paul at VW Arena Istanbul

Image Credits: © Alina Gartig (Press Kit)

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