AN21 makes triumphant return to SIZE with ‘Liquid Gold’

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After a ten-year voyage of self-discovery and creative evolution, AN21 emerges with a resounding comeback in the form of ‘Liquid Gold’. Released under the esteemed SIZE Records label, this single seamlessly blends melodic and afro house elements, offering a sonic experience that is simultaneously invigorating and steeped in nostalgia’

AN21, a name synonymous with a decade-long odyssey of self-discovery and artistic maturation, triumphantly reenters the musical stage with ‘Liquid Gold’. Released under the esteemed banner of SIZE Records, this single ingeniously weaves together melodic and afro house elements, offering listeners an auditory voyage that is both revitalizing and steeped in fond reminiscence.

Initially unveiled as an exclusive white-label DJ promo during the 2023 Miami Music Week, ‘Liquid Gold’ swiftly became the talk of the industry. Garnering early endorsements from a distinguished roster of artists including Adam Beyer, Kevin De Vries, Adriatique, Steve Angello, Carl Craig, BLOND:ISH, Yotto, Agents of Time, and Joris Voorn, the track boasts a rich tapestry of rhythmic fusions poised to become a fixture in underground clubs across the globe.

The creation of ‘Liquid Gold’ marked a pivotal moment of self-realization for me, following a period of exploration and production for others. It transcended being just a song; it acted as a guiding light, beckoning me back to my true path. This served as the genesis of a reinvigorated journey that flowed seamlessly into ‘Alright,’ ‘No Tomorrow,’ and ‘Love’s not over’. It wasn’t simply a return; it was a rebirth, a rediscovery of my voice and vision as an artist, with ‘Liquid Gold’ serving as the spark that reignited the flame.

Antoine Joseffson

Despite grappling with personal and creative hurdles, including the pervasive impostor syndrome, AN21 chose the path of self-reinvention. Returning to his roots in Stockholm to rekindle his creative spark, AN21 resurfaced in 2022 armed with greater depth, maturity, and an arsenal of captivating rhythms.

As we teeter on the precipice of SIZE Records’ 20th anniversary, ‘Liquid Gold’ signifies the dawn of a new era, symbolizing AN21’s audacious and promising expedition into the future. Stay tuned as he unfurls a sonic landscape brimming with enriching experiences, now infused with a profound understanding and a heart brimming with familial love.

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