Andy’s Echo introduces mesmerizing three-track EP ‘High Dose, No Sleep’

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German producer Andy’s Echo releases a new EP on 3000Grad Records that showcase his Renaissance man-level talent.

Even though he’s only been in the industry for about three years, Andy’s Echo quite an impact ever since. The Hamburg-based producer played at numerous festivals like Übel & Gerfährlich, Mensch Meier, and Reeperbahn Festival and more during them. Andy’s Echo stands out from other producers by incorporating live guitar, vocals, and synths into his live shows, interestingly enough. This approach to EDM caught the attention of 3000Grad Records, with whom he released his debut EP, ‘Thrill Me‘, in 2020.

To add to his discography, Andy’s recently dropped his latest EP, ‘High dose, No Sleep‘, once again on 3000Grad. ‘High dose, No Sleep’, the title track and longest on the EP, begins with a simple beat and raking synths. Soon after, the synths turn robotic as well as the vocals and metallic percussion comes in, creating an apocalyptic atmosphere. ‘Guts’ follows after and includes a groovy bassline alongside frantic percussion, making this song feel very close to AE’s shows. ‘Face It’ finishes the EP and serves as the pop song, with a warm bassline and melodic Techno synths also.

Andy’s Echo resembles the term “Renaissance man” perfectly if his skillset didn’t prove that enough already.

Image Credits: © Daniel Zahn (Press Kit)

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