Indian producer Arcane (IN) delivers a spectacular melodic techno debut release ‘Illusions’ along with a remix from Tomy Wahl

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Hailing from Kolkata, the city of joy comes an incredibly talented DJ and Producer, Arcane (IN) who is all set to leave his mark in the dance music scene with his debut release.

With the dance music scene growing immensely in India over the past years, it’s time for the world to discover tremendous talent from Asia’s multi-cultural nation. And one of the up-and-coming stars is Arcane (IN) who is promising to be a top-notch artist with his quality debut release ‘Illusions’ on Exx Underground.

Arcane is one of the fastest-rising names in live electronic music, with a schedule that is busier than most electronic musicians. His sound is a seamless combination of Percussive Afro, Melodic, and Progressive house, a union made in heaven. He’s shared the stage with artists like Maceo Plex, Deborah De Luca, Oliver Huntemann, Agents of Time, Space Motion, Goom Gum, and many more!

Take a glimpse at Arcane’s (IN) debut performance at Cult Kohphangan, Thailand here.

Throughout our lives, we search for where we fit best and what fits best for us, but for an artist, it’s all about finding the right sound, the right vibe that captures us completely. When I started combining the drums with electronic music, I instantly knew I needed a clean slate and a fresh start for my sound to take off because I no longer connected with what I was playing or producing.

The journey begins, now!

Arcane (IN)

Arcane (IN) nails his debut release ‘Illusions’ with his superb melodic and underground techno style. This is a fantastic club banger thanks to the dark and driving melody, snappy baselines, and some drum accents. The overall vibe of ‘Illusions’ is uplifting yet tranquil, making it an excellent party starter for any gig. And taking things to the next level is Argentinian melodic techno DJ/Producer Tomy Wahl, who once again impresses with his distinct sound on ‘Illusions’. Tomy’s version, with a stronger and pounding baseline, does an excellent job of elevating Arcane’s (IN) original vision, making it a touch harder than the original. It still retains a beautiful melodic techno atmosphere with a progressive sound.

Let’s hope to see plenty more releases from Arcane (IN) but until then enjoy his latest offering ‘Illusions’.

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Image Credits: Arcane (Press Kit)

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