Bass On The Flow drops magnificent single ‘Ziriguidum’

Ciclé Records presents Brazilian artist Bass On The Flow with the single "Ziriguidum," showcasing his style and deep tech/minimal mastery.

DJ MADDØG to host First ‘Vinyl Bitch’ Open Deck Event in London 

The London-based DJ hopes to create a space for females/non-binary people to learn turntablism.

MSG Sphere in Las Vegas reports $98.4 million in operating losses

The venue's Chief Financial Officer Gautum Ranj reportedly left his role a week before earnings were released.

Details emerge about deadly nightclub fire outside Murcia, Spain

The inferno has claimed the lives of 13 people outside Murcia, Spain. Rescue workers continue to search for more victims.  Over the weekend, a set...

Almost half of musicians in the UK make less than £14K a Year

According to the first-ever musician census, almost half of musicians residing in the UK earn less than £14K a year from their work.

Apple acquires established classical music label BIS Records

BIS Records, renowned for its dedication to classical music, has consistently showcased exceptional talent from around the world since its inception in 1973 in Akersbaga, Sweden, making it a cornerstone of the global music industry.