AVAION drops a mesmerizing new track ‘Broken’ on Sony Music

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Explicitly vulnerable, and unapologetically authentic, AVAION drops a brilliant new emotive track ‘Broken’ on Sony Music.

In alignment with his mantra ‘music for dancing or dreaming depending on how you’re feeling,’ AVAION’s new single ‘Broken’ is a clean-cut juxtaposition of the internal onslaught in the aftermath of heartbreak, paired with an irresistible danceability and weightless sensation of unburdening emotion through sonic means.  

Adorned with dainty acoustic guitar picks, AVAION carves a tender soundscape led by his self-sung somber lyrics over ambient electronic tones and a steady laid-back groove. AVAION’s heart-on-sleeve line ’cause I’m the one who always cried, I’m the one who’s broken now’ could tempt the listener into a sense of self-pity. Yet, instinctively, the German producer evokes a sudden surge of rapture. Relieving the pent-up frustration, angst, and pain of heartache for just a fleeting moment amidst the deep pulsating bass line, symphonic synths, and buoyant melody. 

Much like his songs, AVAION as an artist is a complexity himself. On the verge of being considered a global phenomenon, AVAION’s 2019 Sony Music debut Pieces has now reached over 108 million Spotify streams, and over 500 million video views, and most recently scored certified gold status in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, and Switzerland, as well as double platinum in South Africa. Along with a string of successful singles and finely selected collaborations including SOMMA, Leony, Vize, Nu Aspect, and Goodboys. However, what puts AVAION at the forefront of his game on a global level, is his sacred ability to write music with intimate, deep-spirited, connectivity that could lead listeners to believe his songs were personally written for them. 

As AVAION continues to make sense of the world around him, channeling his findings into music, the multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and DJ prepares to take on what is already shaping up to be a pivotal year, both in the studio and on stage. 

AVAION’s new single ‘Broken’ is available now on Sony Music.

Image Credits: AVAION (Press Kit)

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