Aytiwan: “I now bring even more energy to my live performances”

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Over the years, Aytiwan has garnered fans for his unique mix od Afro Tech and Afro House. Most recently, the Belgium-born DJ partnered with Kaudron to share their latest collaborative single, ‘Es Vedra.’ Released under the Belgian Afro House label Deep In Your Soul, ‘Es Vedra’ unites the talents of Aytiwan and Kaudron and features the vocals of Kenyan singer Nes Mburu. Named after the mystical rock Es Vedra in Ibiza, the track captures its namesake’s serene and magical essence. We spoke with Aytiwan about various topics, including his creative process behind this latest release, how collaboration has impacted his work, remixing, what success looks like, and his dream collaborations.

What inspired you to delve into the Afro House and Afro Tech genres?

My music always had afro elements before fully transitioning to Afro House and Afro Tech. Even when I played more melodic house and progressive house under my other alias, many of my sets featured tracks from these genres. It felt like a natural progression for me. What draws me to Afro House and Afro Tech is their diversity—incredible singers, talented producers, and creative possibilities. This genre touches the soul and resonates deeply with me.

Could you share the story behind your latest release, “Es Vedra?”

“Es Vedra” embodies the spirit of Ibiza, an island I’ve visited for over 20 years. The track originated from my profound connection with Ibiza. Kaudron approached me with an unfinished track a few months ago, seeking collaboration. I instantly felt I could add my unique touch and knew it needed vocals. I contacted Nes Mburu, with whom I previously collaborated on “Ilanga.” We’ve maintained a strong bond since then. I infused the track with an Afro touch, tweaking elements to enhance its depth. Nes Mburu added his magical touch, and thus, “Es Vedra” was born.

“Es Vedra” captures a distinct atmosphere of Ibiza’s Es Vedra. What emotions were you aiming to evoke in listeners?

I aimed to evoke positive energy, deeply connected to Es Vedra. This magical rock in Ibiza has a powerful magnetism, surrounded by myths of being one of the world’s most magnetic spots and a hotspot for UFO sightings. Regardless of the myths, there’s an undeniable energy when you face this rock. I also wanted to convey the joy of sunsets at Es Vedra, a cherished experience with friends, adding a summer vibe to the track.

How did working with Kaudron and Nes Mburu influence your approach to the project?

I’ve known Kaudron for some time; we stay in touch and have played at events together. When he sent me his project, he gave me free rein to add my touch. I immediately knew Nes would be a perfect fit—his voice and personality were ideal for the track. This collaboration resulted in something special, exactly the vibe I envisioned for the upcoming summer.

What is your mindset when approaching remixing, and how do you balance staying true to the original while infusing your style?

When remixing, I often highlight background elements to offer a new perspective on the track. I incorporate my synths and effects, while preserving the original elements I love. Remixing involves understanding the original’s story to create your own, infusing personal emotions into the track.

How did “Iphathi” come together, and what does its success mean to you as an artist?

“Iphathi” was a project I worked on for a long time. The first version was purely instrumental with heavy synths. Being a huge fan of Idd Aziz, I felt his versatile and talented voice would be a perfect fit. After contacting him, the vocals were ready in a few days, and the final track came together soon after. Given its significance, I wanted other artists to bring their visions to it. &lez created an energetic remix that perfectly captured the vibe I wanted, as described by Manu’s feedback on how it twists your brain. My colleague Amerlegna suggested involving Kususa, whose work I also admire. Their contribution was phenomenal, turning “Iphathi” into a global hit.

The most transformative moment for me was seeing Black Coffee play “Iphathi” with the vocals of his own track, “You Need Me.” This was a life-changing experience that made me reassess many aspects of my life and career. Black Coffee has a rare gift for inspiring people, and he certainly inspired me. His support encouraged me to work even harder on my music and for our label. This experience profoundly impacted my career and perception of my own life, motivating me to strive for excellence continuously.

How has hearing your track played at events like Tomorrowland to Keinemusik at Brooklyn Mirage changed or influenced your future live performances?

These magical moments have reshaped my self-perception as an artist. They prove that you can achieve your goals with dedication, energy, and positive vibes. I now bring even more energy to my live performances, continuously striving to reach new heights, step by step, staying true to myself.

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How has growing up in Belgium influenced your musical style and career trajectory?

Though transformed since its peak in the ’90s and early 2000s, Belgium’s nightlife scene still pulses with vibrant energy and passion. Back then, we were a top clubbing destination with renowned venues. Today, while clubs have given way to shopping centers, the festival scene has risen. Despite these changes, Belgium remains active with fantastic clubs and venues that transform into lively party scenes. The shift towards festivals hasn’t diminished the love for clubbing. The atmosphere at the right venue is electric, and the enthusiastic Belgian crowd makes performing here a joy.

For your upcoming collaborations with Nomvula, can you give us any insight into what we can expect from these projects?

This project is an incredible collaboration with the amazing Nomvula, whose voice can heal souls with its purity. I included several artists I admire—Argento Dust, Jabzz Dimitri, and Native P., each from a different genres, making it a remarkable release. Shimza and Kitty Amor have already supported the release at many events, indicating its potential as another amazing project.

As an artist, are there any dream collaborations you’re hoping to realize in the future?

Of course, I dream of working with Black Coffee, as many Afro House artists do. His ability to inspire through his music, his aura, and his magical touch on house music make him a dream collaborator. 

Another legend I aspire to work with is Bob Sinclar. After “Iphathi,” we connected, and receiving voice messages from him was surreal. Bob Sinclar was playing and producing Afro House before the genre even had a name; I consider him one of the pioneers of Afro House. His music has been a significant part of my journey, and his influence on the genre is undeniable. Bob is not only incredibly talented but also a kind and wonderful person. It was beyond my wildest dreams to receive voice messages from such a celebrity, but here I am. This connection was another huge step in my life, hearing from someone whose tracks I’ve admired for so many years.

I’ve also been fortunate to collaborate with artists I deeply admire, such as Idd Aziz, Lizwi, Nomvula, Tabia, Mavhungu, and Nes Mburu. Each collaboration has been a learning experience, allowing me to grow as an artist and connect with amazing, talented, and like-minded individuals. Every project brings new opportunities to learn and evolve, making the journey truly rewarding.

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