Azzecca drops spacey ‘Encounter’ EP

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The Chicago DJ and producer Azzecca releases a double-track ‘Encounter’ EP that’s sure to feel extraterrestrial.

Azzecca lately has been on quite the roll with the top-notch music she has been releasing. ‘Ego Death‘ and ‘Mantra‘ made her a face and name to pay attention to her fans, peers, and tastemakers. Azzecca’s music survives on pure energy, as shown at shows like Brooklyn Mirage and All Night Long in San Francisco. The party’s not stopping any time either, since she has upcoming shows in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Hungary as well.

Recently, Azzecca signed on to Maccabi House, the imprint of Adam Ten, a milestone the Chicago native wanted for a while. ‘Encounter‘ marks itself as her first release off the imprint label and sends listeners across the final frontier. ‘Aerial Phenomenon‘ starts with glitched-out programming and a ticking clock sound that feels like something reminiscent of Zedd’s popular work. Watery beats follow after, along with brassy cymbals, melodic Techno parts, and jazzy synths, all followed by a well-timed drop. The vocals laced throughout give an alienesque vibe due to their droning nature, all spliced with fun discussions of UFOs.

Ascent‘ follows the previous track and continues the spacey vibes of the last to keep up with the intergalactic theme. Beats feel like the pounding on a door, with a vocal hook that feels choppy, yet still fits the tone. Spacey synths continue to spread themselves throughout the track, leading to a very dense feeling that doesn’t overwhelm. The rhythm, however, never leaves or lets up, so the track still feels capable of making people dance every time.

I don’t know for certain if Azzecca meant to write an EP as space-oriented as this one. But ‘Encounter’ perfects it, regardless, and gets very few complaints from me or possibly anyone else, all the matter. Azzecca certainly knocked this out of the park and continues to shine like the sun.

Image Credits: © Allie VSCO (Press Kit)

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