Benjamin Philippe Zulauf drops three-track EP ‘In a Sea of Noise’

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Swiss-born and globally influenced, Benjamin Philippe Zulauf presents his latest musical endeavor, a deep tech and deep techno triple threat released on his imprint, Hummingbird by BPZ.

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf continues to explore the depths of minimalistic and atmospheric sounds that have marked his previous releases on labels like Claap Rec, Vekton Black, and Fourier Transform. This new offering encapsulates his refined approach to music production, merging stripped-back elements with enveloping atmospheres, a style heavily inspired by his experiences in Switzerland, the UK, and Australia, and by legends like Mike Shannon and Jeff Mills.

The EP kicks off with ‘A Light That Never Goes Out,’ a track that sets a mesmerizing tone with its shimmering pads and phased claps, anchored by a deep, pulsating acid bassline. This opening act is a testament to Zulauf’s ability to craft tracks that are both introspective and compelling, ideal for late-night dance floors. Following this, ‘Kai Groove‘ elevates the energy with its dubby chords and spiraling pads layered over a relentless bassline, creating a dynamic interplay of upbeat rhythms and gritty drum sounds that showcase Zulauf’s technical prowess and creative vision.

Concluding the EP, ‘Redheads‘ offers a robust percussion framework adorned with rippling pads and fizzing hi-hats. The rhythmic stabs inject a jackin’ flow into the mix, solidifying the track’s place in the realm of immersive groove-centric techno. Beyond his production skills, Benjamin Philippe Zulauf is also celebrated as a DJ who has shared stages with the likes of Shonky and John Heckle, and his work has garnered support from influential figures such as DJ Rolando and Laurent Garnier. This latest release reinforces Zulauf’s status in the underground electronic music community and highlights his consistent evolution as a producer and label head dedicated to delivering quality and depth in every beat.

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