Beswerda drops thrilling ‘Concord’ EP

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Dutch’s talent Beswerda steps into 2023 with the magnificent ‘Concord’ EP, out now via Just This.

Beswerda is a Dutch musician with roots in Rotterdam who uses a blend of minimal and melodic techno to transport listeners on a musical and emotional trip. Every time you hear him perform, his music changes with unexpected dips and natural drumming. He truly has a distinct vision of what melodic techno ought to sound like. For the clubs, the fusion of minimal, Indie Dance, and melodic techno is novel.

He recorded and released his debut track, Growing, in 2018 via Christian Smith‘s label Tronic. After his debut, he issued a number of more tracks on labels like Infinite Depth and WEITER. Having contributed his music to these releases for remixes made by musicians like VNTM, Enos, and Erly Tepshi, the Dutch talent took some time after a number of releases to further define his sound and create something that truly reflected who he wanted to be. A brief break to sort everything out and concentrate on some new material.

Given that ‘Concord’ EP is Beswerda’s first EP in four years, it feels like a true comeback. Throughout the epidemic, Beswerda fully developed and refined his sound. Colyn, a close friend of Beswerda, gave the main tune ‘Concord’, his enthusiastic approval by supporting it in his Cercle performance, which has over 1.4 million views. ‘Terea’ opens a pure dancefloor weapon with its vocal shots and rolling bassline. With its robotic-sounding voice, acid bleeps, and eerie synths, ‘Anything’ is darker and more menacing.

Having released on Afterlife and playing in some well-respected venues, Beswerda is ready to rock the melodic techno scene. Check out ‘Concord’ EP on Spotify down below!

Image Credits: © Jordy Brada

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