Betelgeize unveils enchanting musical tale: ‘El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro’

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Betelgeize, renowned for his sun-drenched organic house sound, invites listeners on a captivating journey with his latest creation – a seven-track album titled ‘El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro.’

Betelgeize, the maestro of organic house, unveils a mesmerizing tale through his seven-track album, ‘El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro’. Known for his sun-drenched tracks that blend enchanting melodies with dance floor-friendly grooves, Betelgeize’s musical storytelling transcends conventional boundaries. The album, released on his label, It’s Good To Be A Tree, signifies not just a collection of tracks but a cinematic journey inspired by theatre and folklore.

Betelgeize, a daydreamer whose imaginative music possesses trippy elements, serves as a storyteller, using his compositions to captivate both mind and body. Known for his dance floor-friendly grooves, earthy percussion, and mesmerizing melodies, Betelgeize’s tracks transport listeners to picturesque locations basked in warm sunlight.

This album, while rooted in Betelgeize’s musical universe, finds a home on It’s Good To Be A Tree, his record label. However, Betelgeize’s sonic journey extends beyond, with previous features on respected imprints like Exotic Refreshment LTD, Serafin Audio Imprint, and Leveldva.

Born on Burning Man, Betelgeize’s musical project is a result of a passion for experimentation, continually pushing boundaries and exploring new realms. ‘El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro’ stands as a testament to this exploration, drawing inspiration from theatre and fairy tales to weave a cohesive narrative that connects all seven tracks with a captivating storyline.

The album unfolds with ‘Capítulo I‘ an Afro house track featuring IKVA’s emotive vocals, narrating the calm and measured life of the Luminous Falcon and his tribe. Each subsequent chapter introduces new elements, from ominous premonitions in ‘Capítulo II‘ to the arrival of the Black Dragon in ‘Capítulo III‘. The narrative builds tension, with moments of revelation and vows for escape, all portrayed through Betelgeize’s intricate compositions.

As the journey progresses, ‘Capítulo V‘ reintroduces an Afro-house vibe, signifying The Luminous Falcon’s attempt to escape from the Black Dragon. The energy is revitalizing, with compelling vocals and energizing percussion driving the urgency of the escape. Closing with ‘Capítulo VII‘ the album reaches a triumphant conclusion, symbolizing the victory of harmony and goodness. IKVA’s joyous vocals round off the release, marking a harmonious reunion of The Luminous Falcon with his tribe.

‘El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro’ is more than an album; it’s a symphony of organic house, a narrative that transcends traditional storytelling, and an odyssey crafted by Betelgeize’s visionary musical storytelling. As the tracks unfold, listeners find themselves immersed in a fantastical world, captivated by the Luminous Falcon’s journey. This release solidifies Betelgeize’s position as a storyteller who paints vivid musical pictures, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who embark on this enchanting journey.

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