BIJOU and Honey & Badger team up for prolific house single ‘Daybreak’

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US DJ BIJOU pairs up with Belgian producer Honey & Badger for a track that’s as uplifting as it is danceable.

Heartbreak is such a hard thing to deal with in life and people handle it in one of three ways. They either drown their sorrows, simply move on, or in the case of musicians, they incorporate it into their music. When US-based DJ BIJOU went through a breakup not too long ago, he decided to obviously do the last option. As the leader of the G-House movement, BIJOU’s career took him to numerous high points and a lot of acclaim. Some highlights include collabs with AC Slater, Dr. Fresch, and Denzel Curry and sets at various festivals.

Recently, rising producer and Tchami protégé Honey & Badger got in contact with BIJOU on a track he called ‘Daybreak’. As soon as he heard the song, BIJOU wholeheartedly agreed to it and the two put together a great track. ‘Daybreak’ starts with a standard driving beat, typical for House music, alongside immediately being introduced to the vocals as well. In terms of said vocals and lyrics, both H&B and BIJOU thought that they felt empowering and uplifting after listening. A deep rolling bassline and smooth, melodic synths keep themselves present throughout the track, adding beauty and bounce to it. The aforementioned vocals have a very soulful tone to them, which adds a sense of emotion as the track plays.

With BIJOU being the big name that he is and Honey & Badger having everyone’s attention, ‘Daybreak’ should be monumental. Given that the track can be seen as empowering as it is danceable, I believe that will be absolutely guaranteed.

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