Boom Merchant delivers fresh techno EP ‘Picnic’: Listen

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Autektone Dark, the edgier subdivision of T78’s record label, has introduced a fresh and potent techno EP from Boom Merchant, a figure synonymous with dark and driving beats.

Entitled ‘Picnic,’ this EP showcases Boom Merchant’s signature style that merges ominous atmospherics with menacing synth lines and thundering percussion. Known for his ability to capture the essence of the dance floor, Boom Merchant’s latest offering continues to build on his reputation for delivering intense, audience-engaging tracks. His work has previously featured on labels such as Dolma Red and his imprint, Tribal Pulse, making his collaboration with Autektone Dark a much-anticipated venture.

Boom Merchant, originally from Ireland and now based in Scotland, has cemented himself as a pivotal figure in Glasgow’s underground techno scene. His skills extend beyond production; as a DJ, he maintains a residency at Surge Glasgow and regularly appears on the UK circuit, with his talents taking him from Germany to Japan. Glasgow, a city celebrated for its influence on the global techno landscape through artists like Slam, provides the perfect backdrop for Boom Merchant’s creative endeavors. His sound resonates with the local crowd and stands as a beacon of the city’s ongoing contribution to techno culture.

The ‘Picnic’ EP kicks off with its title track, setting a high bar with its suspenseful intro that transitions into a robust groove driven by a booming kick drum and haunting pads. ‘Free Dinner‘ elevates the intensity with its raw percussion and industrial touches, topped with an atmospheric breakdown featuring trippy vocals. The final track, ‘Drop,’ rounds off the EP with a monstrous bassline and thickset percussion, creating a minimal yet ferocious soundscape. Each track on the EP is meticulously crafted to not only energize dance floors but also to reflect the dark, relentless spirit of Autektone Dark. Boom Merchant’s latest work is a testament to his profound understanding of what makes a techno track unforgettable.

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