Calling Marian releases an alien-esque album ‘Hyper Opus’

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French DJ and producer Calling Marian drops new album that takes listeners on a journey via multiple musical styles.

Every day, artists try to push and reshape the boundaries of what can and can’t be called art these days. Parisian DJ and producer Calling Marian aims and strives to be one of those artists, displaying it through her work. CM doesn’t just make EDM music but creates auditory stories through the layers of synths, beats, and samples she plays. CM strives to also bring a sense of feminism and sisterhood into her music, to emphasize community in time. So, to show what she means, Calling Marian released a 12-track album titled ‘Hyper Opus‘ to display all goals.

‘Hyper Opus’, for all its worth, calls on many different styles of Electronic music, from Techno to Trance to Synthwave. Beats range from industrial-like on tracks like ‘Sabularium‘ and ‘Inferno‘ to rapid on ‘Aqua Fortis‘ and ‘Cryptodance‘ to give examples. On top of that, synths vary all over the scale, mostly maintaining a rather spacey, trance-type vibe. ‘Hyper Opus’ certainly maintains that it was meant to be a journey, complete with the satisfying conclusion ‘Pyr‘. Overall, Calling Marian succeeds in fulfilling her goal to push the boundaries of both her art and the genre of her choice.

Image Credits: © Marie Rouge (Press Kit)

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