Google and Universal Music Group set to reach deal regarding AI ‘deepfakes’

It's confirmed that Google and Universal Music Group (UMG) are currently working together to form a partnership that would allow deepfakes to be used, but with royalties awarded directly to the record label.

TuneCore study reveals that 27% of indie artists have used AI music tools

TuneCore's research reveals that around 27% of the surveyed artists have embraced AI music tools. Among this segment, 57% have utilized AI for generating...

U-he Repro: A Synth Lover’s Dream Come True

U-he's Repro Plugin is an outstanding virtual synthesizer. It faithfully emulates the sound of vintage analog synthesizers. The attention to detail is remarkable. The...

5 Best Plugins for All EDM Producers

EDM producers have numerous plugin options to choose from to aid them throughout the various aspects of music production. The list below consists of the 5 best plugins that are hand-picked to suit the needs of EDM producers across a plethora of such aspects.

Spotify reportedly will launch “Supremium” subscription

The streaming platform Spotify is rumored to release its most expensive subscription option later this year.

National Music Publishers Association and members sue Twitter for alleged copyright infringement

After years of trying to obtain a music licensing deal, the National Music Publishers Association (NMAP), the trade association that represents American music publishers and their songwriting partners, and its members officially filed a lawsuit in a Nashville Federal Court that claims the social media giant Twitter demonstrated copyright infringement on over 1,7000 songs.