Cercle introduces expansive 360° immersive concert experience – Cercle Odyssey

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Cercle announced a new era in live touring entertainment – the world’s first nomad concert structure of its kind. ‘Cercle Odyssey’ is where music, technology, and innovation converge to create an unforgettable journey for global audiences.

This artistic movement hosts and curates events, festivals, and immersive musical journeys. Furthermore, with over 240 events worldwide, including 30 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Cercle aims to create innovative global experiences. Additionally, it highlights unique artists and explores the cultural and natural legacy of the world. Moving on to the new announcement, ‘Cercle Odyssey‘. It is a groundbreaking concert concept that combines live music with visual storytelling in a 360° projection panorama. Neels Castillon, renowned director and co-founder of Motion Palace, will direct ‘Cercle Odyssey’s’ videos. His exploration of human connection with nature and its vast landscapes makes him an ideal fit for the immersive vision. Derek Barbolla, Cercle founder, shares that if, by the end of a ‘Cercle Odyssey’ show, I see people on the dance floor literally moved to tears, then I will consider it a success.


‘Cercle Odyssey’ will feature artists from various genres and backgrounds, blending auditory and visual elements to create a unique musical experience. Cercle will reveal the artists later in the year. The scenography counts with 2300 m² projection screens. Traditional movie screens inspire these, showcasing high-quality images shot in 8K, synchronized live with the music. ‘Cercle Odyssey’ is committed to sustainability, sourcing and renting all equipment locally. By opting for 29 state-of-the-art projectors instead of traditional LED screens, Cercle will reduce transportation emissions and energy consumption, while maintaining a smaller carbon footprint. All this without compromising the immersive experience. In summary, the venue’s scenography is a mix of engineering and imagination. It serves as a bridge between the event venue and the surrounding world – Victor Perrin & Samuel Chatain, Scenography Studio.


To ensure that every audience member can fully immerse themselves in the experience, Cercle strictly forbids phones inside the scenography. Consequently, by disconnecting from digital distractions, attendees can focus solely on the emotive journey unfolding, allowing the music and visuals to transport them to new realms without interruption. Moreover, this fosters a shared sense of presence and connection, thereby amplifying the collective experience. However, as a parting souvenir, each guest will receive a folder of filmed content from Cercle. ‘Cercle Odyssey’ 2025 dates and locations will be announced soon. Pre-register HERE to be the first to receive a notification.

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