Chambord and Jo.Ke release organic house single ‘Quiet Times’

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French duo Chambord and vocalist/DJ Jo.Ke release a new single on Sol Selectas, along with remixes from Landikhan, El Mundo, and a collab remix with Chukku.

Sol Selectas appears to be on quite the roll lately after topping the charts with their latest compilation album. The label started by Sabo plans to keep the momentum going with a new single by returning French duo Chambord. Chambord’s history with Sol Selectas goes way back, as the duo released numerous tracks on Summer Sol and several remixes. Their deep Organic House music also made appearances on labels like Abracadabra Music, Kindisch, Earthly Delights, and Akbal Music also. Now, as previously mentioned, Chambord returned to the label and recently released a new track ‘Quiet Times’, with several remixes.

‘Quiet Times’, the original mix, starts with a very organic-sounding beat, an amazingly bouncey bassline, and various bird-like sound samples. Sandy percussion, ascending and descending synths, and hints of classical guitar and sitar emerge and incorporate themselves into the mix. However, Jo.Ke, a fellow DJ and vocalist, stands out the most on the track with his somber and crooning vocals. The vocals themselves may remind newer listeners of peak Billy Idol whenever he performed any one of his timeless ballads.

Alongside the original mix, El Mundo and Landikhan provided their own remixes, while Jo.Ke teamed up with Chukku to collab. Dutch DJ El Mundo’s remix contains more clear organic instruments, such as bongos, tambourine, and some very clear cut piano. Spanish DJ Landikhan debuts on Sol Selectas with his remix, containing a more bouncey bassline and some darker ambient synths. For their collab, Jo.Ke and German producer Chukku rearranged the track with new vocal patterns and a more atmospheric approach. Any beat or percussion sits at the front of the mix along with some more minimalistic piano and buzzing synths.

Chambord made a very successful return to Sol Selectas with a solid track and equally solid remixes as well. Hopefully, the label isn’t close to being finished with releasing magic like this just yet.

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