CHANEY drops Disco-Fueled House single ‘Out Of My Depth’

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With the release of his brand-new single ‘Out of My Depth,’ which features Nu-La’s captivating vocals, British producer Chaney makes his disco-tinged label debut on Insomniac Records.

If anyone is skilled at selecting a standout topline from the group, it is CHANEY. The native of Swindon used a publishing deal with Warner to pay his bills during his formative years as a young singer-songwriter while also building hooks that were so huge they could almost completely replace the coat rack. Since then, he has shifted roles and is now a producer, where he has had great success putting together house grooves that are praised by both commercial and underground circles. CHANEY is paying respect to the disco influences that changed his life around the turn of 2000 on his first release with the Insomniac label.

Out Of My Depth‘ is unabashedly catchy and features the beautiful vocals of English musician Nu-La (also known as her namesake alt pop project Nuala). Nu-La belts from the depths of her soul as she wallows in the regret of disastrous love. Her sultry vocals are so seductive and sweet that it’s almost simple to forget about the current catastrophe. With its warm piano chords, bouncy guitar riffs, sashaying percussion, swirling string sections, and hazy synth lines, the feel-good beat that is bubbling beneath the discomfort replaces the depressing subject matter and makes the proverbial deep end seem a little more welcoming.

“Out Of My Depth’ is a little snapshot of my early 2000’s disco and house influences—an ode to the likes of Jamiroquai, Blaze, Dave Lee, Junior Jack and all the rest from that very fun era. My good friends Nuala and Lawrie Martin had written a topline idea which I first listened to on the train back home. It was magic. I knew exactly where I wanted it to go (string sections over rolling basslines) so dived straight in as soon as I got back. It ended up taking a lot of experimenting with different versions and arrangements until I was eventually satisfied with where it was. So here it is, in all its glory, featuring the wonderful voice of Nu-La.


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