Citizen Kain drops new emotional EP ‘Your Heart’: Listen

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Citizen Kain elevates his signature sound with the emotive ‘Your Heart’ EP, released on UNSEEN Records.

Citizen Kain is known for his unique blend of techno and house music, and ‘Your Heart’ is no exception. With this EP, he takes his signature sound to new heights. It showcases his versatility as a producer and his ability to create dynamic and captivating music.

One of the standout features of ‘Your Heart’ is the collaboration with Eleonora. Her ethereal vocals add more emotion to the EP, elevating it to a new level. Her haunting voice perfectly complements the dynamic beats and melodies, creating a captivating and mesmerizing listening experience.

Furthermore, Fred Lenix’s remix adds a new dimension to the EP, offering a fresh take on the title track. His unique style and production skills bring a new energy to the powerful track. Making it a must-listen for any techno and house music lover.

But what truly sets ‘Your Heart’ apart is how it tells a story through its music. Each track builds upon the last, taking listeners through different emotions and soundscapes. From the intense highs of ‘Your Heart’ to the dreamy vibes of ‘One Day’, this EP is a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you wanting more.

Citizen Kain’s ‘Your Heart’ is a standout, bringing refreshing innovation to the ever-evolving electronic music scene.. It’s a testament to his talent and creativity as a producer, and a reminder that electronic music can be both emotionally charged and sonically dynamic. With its stunning blend of sentiment and bold beats, this EP is sure to leave a lasting impression. ‘Your Heart’ is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms.

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