Conner Jay debuts on Fibre Records with ‘Q The Love’

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Fibre Records is kicking off 2024 with a bang, thanks to Conner Jay’s latest track, ‘Q The Love.’

Conner Jay‘s journey in music started when he was just a kid, getting CDs from his mom from the coolest UK Garage events. As he grew up, his taste evolved towards House music, but he never forgot his roots. In ‘Q The Love,’ you can hear a mix of his past and present influences. The song has energetic beats and piano sounds that make you feel alive, all while nodding to the Speed Garage style he grew up with. It’s like Conner Jay is telling us his musical story with every beat and note.

This song is a bright light in the house music scene, blending catchy piano notes with happy singing to create a feel-good vibe that makes you want to dance. It’s part of Fibre Records‘ fifth release, celebrating the success of the iconic Leeds venue, Fibre. The club is known for throwing unforgettable parties and now, they’re making waves in the music world too. ‘Q The Love’ is a special tune that shows off the energy and love Fibre brings to the table.

Fibre isn’t just a club; it’s a legend in Leeds, welcoming everyone with open arms for 24 years. It stands for fun, freedom, and being true to yourself. This place has seen music styles come and go, but it’s always stayed fresh and exciting. Launching Fibre Records was a big step, showing the world they’re not just about parties but also about creating music that moves people. ‘Q The Love’ by Conner Jay is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of Fibre’s journey and its impact on the music scene. With tracks like this, it’s clear Fibre Records is here to make its mark and keep us dancing for years to come.

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