Cour T. delivers massive tech-house single ‘TRiPPPPY’

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Rising Brazilian DJ/Producer Cour T. released the third single from his upcoming album ‘Brain Deals’ built for home listening.

Some people don’t just want to feel the need to go to the club for House or Techno music. Some folks feel rather content just staying home and listening to House or Techno music there for the most part. However, most music just requires a live setting, but Cour T., a Brazilian DJ on DIRTYBIRD, looks to change that. Cour T specializes in a type of tribal, psychedelic Brazilian House music that’s not far from what DIRTYBIRD artists make. Now, Cour T released the third single from his upcoming debut album, ‘Brain Deals‘, titled ‘TRiPPPY‘, following ‘2D5‘ and ‘TRiiiBAILE‘.

‘TRiPPPY’ itself starts with an organic, tribal-like beat, perfectly setting the mood for the rest of the track to come. At the same time, choppy, blaring synths ring throughout, creating a sense of palatable dissonance and clashing atmosphere for listeners. A fun, groovy bassline, a signature for Cour T., and subtle snappy percussion play all throughout the track as well. Lastly, vocals coated in reverb become the main attraction, finally solidifying the hypnotic nature of the DJ’s approach to music. Overall, “TRiPPPY” makes itself a fantastic single that fans could enjoy anywhere, whether it be at home or the club.

“I wanted to bring something more hypnotic, something you can listen to at home or at an afterparty. It’s a track that sticks in your mind.”

Once again, Cour T’s latest single, DIRTYBIRD proves why it’s the best label for Brazilian House music. Who knows what other undiscovered DJs may show up next?

Image Credits: © eloi carraro (Press Kit)

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