Danny Avila and Heerhorst join forces for a powerful techno EP ‘The Procedure’

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‘The Procedure’ EP is bound to thrive in the world of techno with its captivating beats, and acid lines combined with the reputation of Danny Avila and Heerhorst.

Danny Avila and Heerhorst have both had multiple successes with their 2023 releases and now that they have collaborated and created ‘The Procedure’ EP, they are destined to fly even further. Both artists are prominent figures in the techno scene and to solidify their status even more, they have dropped this two-track EP to display their technical competence and high skill level. What makes these two artists so adept, is the level of experience they have between them. Heerhorst has been “making waves” for over a decade now, similar to Danny Avila who has grown up performing and loving his techno passion.

‘The Procedure’ has come from Umek‘s 1605 record label and it is a highly skilled piece of craft with a variety of mixing elements that help to keep the songs fresh. It is a gritty EP that intends on making even more waves with the versatility that comes with it. The first track, self-titled, ‘The Procedure’ is an intense and rugged track that goes very heavy with the bass and lends perfectly to the hard techno genre. There are deep hip-hop-style vocals that display how experimental Danny Avila and Heerhorst are aiming to be. The track includes synth and acid lines that elicit euphoria and make the song extremely danceable and enjoyable.

‘Dynasty’ is the next and final track of the extended play and it comes as a viable contrast to the opener of the EP as it includes angelic gospel female vocals that can easily connect with the soul. As well as the biblical chants, there are playful spoken word interludes and the inclusion illustrates Danny Avalia’s and Heerhorst’s technological and musical depth as it makes the track even more melodic. The percussion is a predominant aspect of this song as the heavy vibrations it creates cause aggressive energy within the song, making it very diverse as the artists are breaking the conventions by having such soft vocals mixed with the heavy percussion.

The collaboration is exciting for all techno lovers as it will integrate techno into our society even more as Danny Avila’s mission and passion is “making techno for the mainstage” and Heerhorst is a massive part of the scene already and has collaborated with Drumcode records, filth on acid, terminal records and now the 1605 label for ‘The Procedure’, a hard-hitting EP with a plethora of different musical and melodic elements.

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