Darlyn Vlys returns to TAU with ‘Return From Delta’ EP

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Return From Delta EP, the latest release from French producer Darlyn Vlys, is a collection of four tracks that further establishes his reputation for elegant dance floor artillery.

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Darlyn, who is based in Valencia, is constantly working diligently in his audio lab to come up with fresh and original ways to communicate his creativity. He released the ‘Doble Impacto‘ EP in 2021, and he is now returning to deliver us more freshly synthesized music as only he can.

The title track, which exudes emotional vigor and upholds the TAU philosophy of future vintage. The crux of this music is a brilliant, shimmering riff that penetrates deeply into your emotional core. The beats are forceful, and the retro shine is completely enticing.

The Fifth Wave‘ comes after, with a more somber tone that is nonetheless firmly based on entrancing the dance floor. Once it gets underway, a gorgeous melody sweeps in and carries us to a place of comfort and joy. One of Darlyn’s primary talents is to use his music to convey stories and completely transport the listener, which he achieves on this track with style.

The next track is ‘Gerónimo‘, which has a bassline that has a classic, seductive, disco-style undulation. You will be fascinated the entire time by the stirring mood created by the combination of many vocal snippets and synthesizer layers.

Umbrella Man‘, which is more experimental and psychedelic, rounds out this release. Guitars, calming voices, and a mesmerizing bassline are all used by Darlyn to produce music that occupies a distinct space.

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