Darren Tate releases spectacular album ‘Metamorphosis’: Listen

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Dance music veteran Darren Tate unveils his highly anticipated solo uplifting album ‘Metamorphosis’.

The illustrious career of Darren Tate has no bounds. His various series of successful collaborations and projects speak volumes about his music production prowess. Recently in 2022, he teamed up with Above & Beyond’s Jono Grant to form JODA, whose self-titled debut album on Anjunabeats has garnered over 10 million streams. Under his various aliases such as DT8 Project, Angelic with Judge Jules, Jurgen Vries, Orion, and Citizen Caned, Darren has achieved twelve Top 40 UK singles, showcasing his versatility and enduring appeal in the dance music industry.

In addition to his chart-topping hits, Darren Tate owns Mondo Records UK and is a successful composer. His recent score for the IMAX feature film ‘The Last Glaciers’, created in collaboration with Above & Beyond, highlights his talent beyond the dance floor.

Darren Tate’s debut solo album, Metamorphosis, is a testament to his two decades of experience in dance music, showcasing his ability to blend emotive depth with energetic beats. The album opens with ‘5AM To Lima’, setting a deeply immersive tone with its melodic groove. ‘Flashing Lights’, featuring Sxcha, stands out with enchanting vocals and a progressive beat, merging emotional depth with dancefloor energy.

‘A Long Way From Home (Straight From DAT Mix)’ features Solarstone and Julie Scott, offering a nostalgic trance vibe with a modern twist. ‘Adrift’ delivers a hypnotic melody and captivating beat, perfect for both late-night sets and introspective listening. And ‘One Last Chance’ combines lush soundscapes with heartfelt lyrics, creating an intimate atmosphere.

The brief ‘Interlude’ provides a moment of reflection, showcasing Tate’s compositional skills. ‘Watching’, featuring Susie Ledge, blends emotional depth with a compelling rhythm, while ‘Gone’, featuring Robyn Sherwell, balances melodic elements and driving beats with poignant vocals. ‘Kaleidoscope’, another track with Susie Ledge, offers a colorful and dynamic sonic experience.

‘Crazy’ is a high-energy track designed to get listeners moving, demonstrating Tate’s versatility. The album closes with ‘War’, featuring Marcella Woods, delivering a powerful, emotive punch.

Metamorphosis is available on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, and can be pre-ordered on vinyl from the Anjuna Music Store.

Experience the excitement as Darren celebrates the debut of his latest album with a livestream event, showcasing fresh tracks straight from the heart of the Wakehurst Royal Botanical Garden in the UK. Tune in for an unforgettable musical journey amidst the natural beauty of this stunning venue.

Fans can look forward to experiencing Darren Tate’s new live show at the Anjunabeats Outdoors showcases in Manchester and Brighton this May. Tickets are on sale now at Anjunabeats Events.

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