Desert Hearts Black delivers annual ‘Gateways’ VA Compilation

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Through all the changes and phases of recent times, one thing has remained certain; Everything revolves around music.

This belief is especially true when you look at the label’s annual ‘Gateways’ VA Compilation, which debuted early last year. After a very successful first volume, the label now presents the second edition, further pushing the vision and sound of travel.

Hosted by label directors Marbs and Evan Casey, this compilation features high-caliber tracks written from around the world. In the first release continuity, you’ll find a good mix of well-known and varied artists paving the way for promising careers with their evolving sounds.

Andreas Hennenberg, a close friend and powerful producer, made his mark at the release with a huge booming electric track titled “Tretboot.” FiveP, Arash Shadram (formerly Blade&Beard), Pantheon, Nosssia and Mayze x Faria make their debut on the label, with the return of Michael Hooker.

As you explore the collection, you may discover new artists making big statements, with a very bright future ahead of them. This second volume in the ‘Gateways’ series is pure quality from start to finish, and once again underscores the truth that music is the universal language. Embark on another journey into the world of Desert Hearts Black, enjoy incredible sounds and feel the inspiration that comes from a fantastic excursion.

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Stream Gateways Vol. II on Spotify:


1. FiveP – Rhodarion (Original Mix)
2. Arash Shadram – Fear Has No Power (Original Mix)
3. Andreas Henneberg – Tretboot (Original Mix)
4. Nosssia – Astral Ghetto (Original Mix)
5. Pantheon – Fusion (Original Mix)
6. Mayze X Faria – Yellowstone (Original Mix)
7. Michael Hooker, Tanaë – Dancing in the Breeze (Original Mix)
8. Fran Lezaun – Autumn (Original Mix)
9. Talal – Low Gear (Original Mix)
10. Kay Aka Khalil Touihri & Dj Melowman – ERA (Original Mix)
11. Collide The Sky – Talisman (Original Mix)
12. Kix, Lik – Psy (Original Mix)
13. Stanis – Mea Culpa (Original Mix)
14. Haushouse – Voyage (Original Mix)
15. Kix, Lik – Cosmix (Original Mix)
16. Mass.E – Intertwine (Original Mix)
17. Maude Vôs – Opulence (Original Mix)
18. Teutonix – Alone in the Bayou (Original Mix)
19. Kay Aka Khalil Touihri – Solaria (Original Mix)
20. Fran Lezaun – Stella Roja (Original Mix)

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