Dirty Audio join forces with Maahez for captivating single ‘Bobo’ featuring Albania Sofia

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With their most recent musical endeavor, ‘Bobo,’ Dirty Audio and Maahez are welcomed to the Do Not Duplicate Recordings family.

Albania Sofia, a singer, and composer from Miami, was chosen by the duo to provide the vocals. Albania Sofia, best known for her popular hits Sorry Miamiand Iphone,’ lends her seductively enticing voice to the upbeat delight. The most recent release from the duo comes after the singles Deep In LA by Dirty Audio from January and Tequila by Maahez and San Pacho from September. ‘Bobo’ is out now and is accessible to stream on all platforms via Do Not Duplicate Recordings. It is a confluence of Dirty Audio‘s hard-hitting basslines and Maahez’s genre-blending skills.

Albania Sofia‘s captivating vocals and a driving bassline set the tone for ‘Bobo,’ which immediately grabs the listener’s attention and transports them to an ethereal environment. ‘Bobo’ is a prime example of Dirty Audio and Maahez‘s dynamic production approach and creative sound design, expertly fusing each artist’s individual sonic signature. With Bobo,Dirty Audio and Maahez‘s captivating musicality and technical proficiency combine to create larger-than-life senses. ‘Bobo’ serves as a one-of-a-kind listening experience that proves to be heavy, distinct, and authentic – a quintessential addition to the Do Not Duplicate Recordings imprint. It does this by showcasing Maahez‘s natural genre-blending abilities, fusing elements of tech-house and reggaeton, while also showcasing Dirty Audio‘s beloved hard-hitting basslines and grimy synth-work.

I always had a passion for Latin music growing up in such a diverse city like Los Angeles. I was always driven by the Latino community and thankful for the Latino fans that I have. This one’s for them, and I had a blast making it with my boy Maahez and amazing vocalist Albania. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

– Dirty Audio

BOBO has got to be one of my favorite songs to play during my sets, the energy of this record makes you want to party like crazy!!

– Maahez

While recording LASSIE in the Dominican Republic, I had the opportunity to live the Caribbean experience and party with all my dominican local friends. While I was out there, we would hang out en el teteo, on the block, and at local clubs. All my dominican friends would use the term “bobo” to describe how incredibly lit we were getting. It was one of the funnest times of my life and it is a tribute to my culture. I absolutely love the easiness with which people in the Dominican Republic enjoy their life, and this song reflects exactly that. So with that being said, LET’S GET FUCKING BOBO!

– Albania Sofia

Image Credits: (Press Kit)

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