DJ Abyss unleashes new sonic album ‘Hadrium’

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German DJ DJ Abyss drops his second album following his comeback album, 2022’s ‘Into The Abyss’.

Since 1991, DJ Abyss rocked the German club scene with his willingness to experiment and innovate up till the 2000s. Having played in several of Germany’s hottest clubs and collabed with many notable names, DJ Abyss quickly rose to the top. However, after years of clubbing and producing work for other colleagues, DJ Abyss decided to take a well-deserved break. Then, last year, Abyss returned and dropped ‘Into the Abyss‘ and showed how, despite a hiatus, he hadn’t lost his mojo. Now, a year later, Abyss returns again with a new album titled ‘Hadrium’, a varied collection of songs for all.

Across 11 tracks, ‘Hadrium‘ goes from spacey, to eerie, to chill and more the further it progresses through the tracklist. Songs like ‘Standing In Our Truth’ and ‘Let You Go’ begin with a sandy beat as a foundational starting point. Various added percussions vary in tempo and tone, from frantic cymbals in ‘Wicked’ to rhythmic tapping blocks in closer ‘1991’. Other tracks like ‘Tranquillitas Ventus’ and ‘Don’t Go’ contain orchestral elements that fittingly add a sense of beauty or seduction. Overall though, every track fulfills the achievement of being a melodic Techno track, first and foremost, up front and center.

Not only do the tracks vary sonically in a sense, but the tracks vary in terms of moods as well. ‘Vulnerable Senses’ gives off a very gloomy, almost apocalyptic vibe, emphasized by the vocalist, reminding me of Florence + The Machine. ‘My Heart’, with its Skippy beat and drawn-out synths, feels like music that belongs in an 80s TV drama. ‘Hadrium’, the title track, follows a vibe that makes you feel like you’re in the seat of a racing car. Those tracks, along with others, represent the overall variety DJ Abyss developed his career on and continues to do.

Without missing a beat, DJ Abyss continues his comeback and proves why he’s still one of Germany’s best DJs.

Image Credits: © Marie Staggat (Press Kit)

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