Drunken Kong divulge their debut on Drumcode with ‘I Want To See’ EP

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Tokyo-based duo due to stun with their latest EP ‘I Want To See’, including an exciting fresh mix of techno beats.

Drunken Kong consists of the duo D. Singh and DJ Kyoko, and since 2010, the pair have been entertaining in Japan and across the globe with their hypnotic sound. Since the duo are a well-known and professional group, they have a very distinctive sound with influences from the late 1990s and 2000s that they have mixed and created their unique music. Drunken Kong recently came off a grand tour in North and South America in 2022 and is soon to tour Europe starting from the 30th of June with more exciting dates still to be announced.

With experimental and technical releases such as ‘Where We Start‘ and their previous ‘In Your Mind‘ extended play, Drunken Kong have received an overwhelming amount of positive reception. As well as studio recordings, the duo have additionally released live footage on youtube of them playing at the famous “WOMB” in Tokyo. Bouncing off their success, they have gained attention from well-known electronic labels such as Tronic, Terminal M, and Octopus. However, the duo are now making their debut for Drumcode Records with EP: “I Want To See.” The EP opens with the harrowing “It’s Then” and it brings atmospheric and interpellative female vocals that set the groovy yet deep tone of the EP. The rest of the songs out of the four-track EP perfectly illustrate the diverse sound of Drunken Kong with their long songs that are persistently fluctuating between crescendoing bass and descending sounds that subsequently make for captivating songs. ‘Need It‘ has been quoted “as a stirring vox and metallic drumlines propel the track forward” by the Drunken Kong team, and this can clearly be heard within the track through its playful use of sonic reverb that wraps up the EP perfectly.

I Want To See‘ by Drunken Kong is bound for success across the globe, with its pulsating beats as well as the eerie dystopian electronic tone it creates.

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