Dua Lipa faces multi-million dollar lawsuit over ‘Levitating’

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The lawsuit, which is the song’s third, claims the pop star used “talk box” recordings in the songs remixes without permission from the creator.

On Monday, musician Bosko Kante filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles Court against British-Albanian pop star Dua Lipa and her label Warner Music Group over the pop hit “Levitating,” claiming that they used his “talk box” recording in the song’s remixes without his permission. He is seeking to receive $20 million in damages.

Kante claims that there was an oral agreement between him and the pop star’s team to use his “talk box” recording, which is created with a device that turns vocal recordings into synthesizer or guitar sounds, for the original recording of “Levitating.” However, Kante claims he didn’t grant permission for the same “talk box” recording to the used for the song’s three remixes, such as the one featuring DaBaby.

Kante’s lawyers claim that he made multiple attempts to resolve the issue prior to filing the lawsuit. However, they said that Dua Lipa and Warner Music Group demonstrated “unwillingness to co-operate or accept responsibility.”

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Since the song’s release, “Levitating” spent 68 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart and thus earned No.1 on Billboard’s 2021 year-end Hot 100 Songs chart.

The two other lawsuits regarding the hit include one that was dismissed in June from Florida reggae group Artikal Sound System and one filed by songwriters Sandy Linzer and L. Russell Brown. The later claims Lipa used the melody from their 1979 song “Wiggle and Giggle All Night” and also their 1980 song “Don Diablo.”

Dua Lipa and Warner Music Group have yet to respond.

Image Credits: Instagram @dualipa

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