Eli & Fur’s ‘Follow The Dark’ EP remixes out now on Anjunadeep

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Featuring an impressive lineup of talented artists, Eli & Fur’s ‘Follow The Dark’ Remixed EP breathes new life into their already acclaimed tracks. From hauntingly beautiful renditions to high-energy remixes, it’s a musical journey that promises to captivate and thrill.

In the realm of electronic music, the dynamic duo Eli & Fur needs no introduction. Their 2020 debut album, ‘Found In The Wild‘, marked a significant milestone in their career. In 2023, they are back with a bang, showcasing their creativity once again with the remixed package of their ‘Follow The Dark‘ EP. The EP is OUT NOW on Anjunadeep.

Released between April and June this year, ‘Follow The Dark‘ represents a conceptual shift in the duo’s musical journey. It’s a departure from their earlier work and a testament to their ever-evolving sound. This EP signifies their growth and experimentation, and it’s clear from the reception that they’ve hit the mark.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the ‘Follow The Dark‘ concept have already amassed a staggering seven million streams across various digital streaming platforms. Such a feat is a testament to their popularity and the quality of their music. Moreover, their tracks have received substantial support from prominent radio stations, including BBC Radio’s Sian Eleri and Danny Howard, Kiss FM, Capital Dance, and SiriusXM Chill.

What makes ‘Follow The Dark‘ even more exciting is the remix package that accompanies it. Eli & Fur have enlisted an impressive lineup of talented artists to rework their tracks. ‘Where I Find My Mind‘, ‘Temptation‘, ‘Last Train‘, and ‘Where Do We Go From Here‘ have all undergone a musical transformation, thanks to the skills of Cristoph, Rezident, Maxinne, Velero, Sam Luck, Hugo Cantarra, and even Eli & Fur themselves.

The journey through this remix album is nothing short of extraordinary. It starts with Cristoph’s piano-infused rework of ‘Last Train‘, a hauntingly beautiful rendition that sets the tone. The EP then seamlessly transitions into deep and moody remixes from Rezident and Eli & Fur themselves, followed by Maxinne’s choppy tech-house take on ‘Temptation‘. Finally, the album concludes with high-energy reworks from Velero, Hugo Cantarra, and Sam Lux, leaving listeners on an exhilarating note.

Eli & Fur have been globe-trotting throughout the summer, gracing sold-out shows in iconic venues across the world. From the Brooklyn Mirage in New York to ANTS Ibiza in Ibiza and E1 in London, they’ve been spreading their musical magic far and wide. And the excitement doesn’t end there; they’re set to be part of Anjunadeep’s first label showcase at the legendary Red Rocks in Colorado on November 5th.

In conclusion, Eli & Fur’s ‘Follow The Dark’ EP and its captivating remixes have solidified their position as trailblazers in the electronic music scene. So, dive into the world of Eli & Fur, where darkness leads to musical enlightenment.

Image Credits: Facebook @eliandfur

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