Elif celebrates Marginalia imprint launch with ‘Medusa’ EP

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Barcelona-based DJ Elif launches her new label, Marginalia, with the release of a new 3-track EP.

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Barcelona-based DJ Elif started her music journey back in 2019, quickly becoming a celebrated prolific mastermind. Now, just recently, Elif launched Marginalia, a new exciting, innovative label that she dreamed of for years at this point. Marginalia aims to be a platform for undiscovered producers to have unlimited sonic freedom to create their desired musical output. To lead by example, Elif herself dropped ‘Medusa‘, her latest 3-track EP, as a way to demonstrate her unlimited potential.

‘Medusa’, as mentioned, contains three equally impressive tracks, one solo title track, and collaborations with fellow DJs Althoff and Takiru. All three tracks start with a foundation of sharp beats and percussion, before splitting off on their own unique path. Synths vary from metallic to Gothic to almost 80s New Wave, producing a different atmosphere and vibe with each track. Each track’s bassline varies as well, from cacophonous to watery and buzzy, all the while maintaining each track’s central groove. Overall, ‘Medusa’ offers a variety of different sounds and styles that fit the needs of each individual listener and audience.

Elif set the groundwork for her fledgling label with an EP that truly lives up to the goal of Marginalia. Hopefully, aspiring and undiscovered DJs begin making their way to the label and begin their own journey.

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