Enamour & Samanta Liza join forces for epic collaboration ‘Slip Away’

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Enamour and Samanta Liza’s debut track ‘Slip Away’ on LIFEFORMS epitomizes his unique blend of tribal percussion and emotive vocals.

With his distinct blend of tribal percussion and passionate vocals, Enamour has been turning heads in the electronic music space. His debut on LIFEFORMS with Samanta Liza, ‘Slip Away,’ is a testament to his evolution as an artist and his constant ability to push boundaries. The track takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey, characterized by hypnotic beats and haunting vocals, truly showcasing Enamour’s distinctive sound.

LIFEFORMS, the label behind this collaboration, has been making a name for itself with its forward-thinking and genre-defying releases. With ‘Slip Away’, they continue to push boundaries and offer a platform for artists to showcase their creativity and evolution. The label’s founder, Samanta Liza, has been a driving force in the industry. Her collaboration with Enamour is a testament to her commitment to promoting innovative and cutting-edge music.

But ‘Slip Away’ doesn’t stop there. The release also includes two remixes, one from Sean Doron & Tim Engelhardt, and another from Armenian-Iranian producer Armen Miran. Scheduled for release on May 3rd, each remix brings a unique take on the original, showcasing the versatility of Enamour’s work and the diverse range of artists on the LIFEFORMS label.

Enamour and Samanta Liza’s collaboration on ‘Slip Away’ is a perfect match. With this release, Enamour has once again proven himself as an unstoppable force on the international house and techno circuit. His ability to blend different elements and create a sound that is both daring and refined is truly impressive. For devotees of electronic music, this release is indispensable, hinting at Enamour’s promising trajectory as an influence in the scene.

Image Credits: AJ Elgammal (Press Kit)

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