FiNE introduces energetic Afro-house track ‘Kidonda’

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FiNE introduces an invigorating Afro-house anthem, ‘Kidonda’. Accompanied by an Enoo Napa remix, marking the debut of their label, Sippy Time.

Every once in a while, a new release captures our attention and leaves us eagerly awaiting more. This is exactly the case with FiNE, the dynamic twin brothers Craig and Darren, who are making waves in the industry with their latest release, ‘Kidonda’, and the launch of their label, Sippy Time.

FiNE’s distinctive musical journey, shaped by experiences across South Africa, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam, blends traditional rhythms with avant-garde sounds. This fusion has garnered international acclaim and support from industry luminaries such as Black Coffee and Caiiro.

Their latest release, ‘Kidonda’, is a perfect representation of their talent and musical style. The track features Idd Aziz‘s soulful Kiswahili and Rabai vocals, showcasing vulnerability through euphoric synths. The infectious beat and mesmerizing vocals will have listeners dancing and feeling every emotion with every beat.

Not only is ‘Kidonda’ a powerful and energetic release, but it also marks the launch of FiNE’s label, Sippy Time. Craig and Darren hope to share their love for music and their unique blend of sounds with the world. Sippy Time aims to showcase emerging artists and push boundaries in the electronic dance music scene.

‘Kidonda’ doesn’t stop there. The track also features a remix by the talented Enoo Napa, set to release on March 15th. Enoo Napa’s remix takes the track to a whole new level, adding his signature deep and melodic touch, making it a must-have for any Afro-house lover.

FiNE’s journey to this point has not been an easy one, but their dedication and passion for music have brought them to where they are today. The release of ‘Kidonda’ and the launch of Sippy Time are just the beginning for these talented brothers, and we can’t wait to see where their musical journey takes them next.

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