FORMA delivers new EP ‘The Peak’

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Juan Hansen, Pablo Bursztyn, and Rocio Giorgi’s FORMA live project has been a breath of fresh air in the realm of vocal electronica, championing hypnotic modular soundscapes and avant-garde analog experimentation.

The Argentinian three-piece trio returned to Berlin-based imprint MEIOSIS with the gorgeous new extended player, The Peak, after releasing their critically praised Hollow EP in July 2021 following a dazzling live performance for MUTEK Festival. The EP title track was chosen for the new season of the US TV show “Power Book“, proving its cinematic quality before its official release. It has since been a hotly-tipped duet that has already delighted the ears of millions.

Opening the EP with its leading cut, The Peak, FORMA welcomes the collaborative efforts of multi-platinum award-winner Marley Waters, whose extensive work as a songwriter, producer, singer, rapper and DJ has earned him ‘household name’ status across the United States and beyond.

Haze, the second original, takes a more somber approach to vocal-led dance music, honoring down-tempo rhythms and meditative harmonies than its predecessor. FORMA blends the track’s melodic footprint with the euphoric deep-house sensibility to create a joyful song that provides a new viewpoint on electronic music, composing via an indie-tinted lens.

FORMA’s finale On The Past, the most introspective of the three originals, expertly mixes classical instrumentation with the expressive grandeur of house and techno synth-work. Each piece is given its time to shine before collecting at the juncture of an ecstatic apex moment, displaying remarkable restraint and confidence in the execution and stacking of their sound design aspects.

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Stream FORMA – The Peak EP on Spotify:


1. Forma – The Peak (Original Mix)
2. Forma – On The Past (Original Mix)
3. Forma – Haze (Original Mix)

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