Frank Klassen – Release Me (Original Mix) [ZEHN Records]

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Somewhere, far away from the ordinary scale of reality, lies a place. At first glance, surrounded by nothingness, a millisecond later filled with eternal energy.

Frank Klassen debuts on ZEHN with „I Was Lost“. Its title song, a dance of synthetic and organic elements accompanied by Klassen’s signature instrument, the cello, and carried by the sound of his voice, leaves no room for sleep. The tunes bombastic drop-points hit out of nowhere and into your very soul.

Time to move on. „Release Me” catches you from a newly formed starting point. Deep within to deep without. Splashing waves of energy. It’s fascinating how you can feel carried and driven at the same time. Just keep floating – we’re getting there.

Chapter three awaits: Mindpattern & Be Daniel elaborate on „I was Lost“, slowly leading you to the point of no resistance. The interplay of deep and driven continues. This is it.

Release date: 2021-11-05


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