Frankey & Sandrino returns with mesmerizing EP ‘Memories’: Listen

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Electronic music duo Frankey & Sandrino have returned to the forefront of the scene with their latest EP, ‘Memories’. Out now on the esteemed label Innervisions. 

Frankey & Sandrino, whose creative lives are intertwined between Essen and Berlin, have been making music for over a decade. Their rich, detailed style has earned them a legacy of releases on labels such as Innervisions, Mule Musiq, Kompakt, and Diynamic. Despite their success, they remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of their musical partnership, continually seeking transcendence in the studio.

This new release marks their third outing on the Berlin-based imprint, Innervisions. And it coincides with the highly anticipated launch of Innervisions’ innovative visual concept series, ‘Vertical Farms’.

The EP comprises two distinct tracks, each showcasing Frankey & Sandrino’s signature blend of soulful and experimental house music. The title track, ‘Memories’, features a captivating vocal performance by London-based artist Charlotte Riby, delivering emotive lyrics against a backdrop of hypnotic melodies.

‘Blue Flash’ takes the EP in a different direction, offering a lively, up-tempo experience with pulsating rhythms and shimmering synths. With dynamic chord progressions, infectious arpeggios, and intricate layers of sound, it immerses listeners in its atmospheric depths, providing a sonic getaway from the mundane.

About the series, Innervisions label manager Michael Quack says,

 The idea for this year’s series was based on the development of a concept and its independent realization, as close as possible to our ideas with the help of currently available technology.

With ‘Memories’, Frankey & Sandrino continue to captivate audiences with their evocative soundscapes, further solidifying their status as leading figures in the electronic music scene. The EP is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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