Fritz Kalkbrenner releases hypnotizing new single ‘Set You Free’

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The electrifying beats and soulful melodies of Fritz Kalkbrenner’s latest single, ‘Set You Free’, mark a musical journey inspired by his memorable European Tour in the autumn of 2023.

As ‘Set You Free’ unfolds, Fritz Kalkbrenner‘s musical prowess extends beyond a mere exploration of the classic house; it becomes a sonic journey that bridges the temporal gap between the echoes of the past and the pulsating beats of the present. The track, adorned with Kalkbrenner’s unmistakable signature sound, resonates as a catchy house tune that not only pays homage to the genre’s roots but also charts new territories with a contemporary flair, solidifying its place as a testament to the artist’s evolving mastery.

The music video accompanying ‘Set You Free’ is a visual symphony, seamlessly embodying the essence of authenticity and a return to the core, reflecting the unrestrained freedom of the spirit. It masterfully captures a sense of deliberate reduction to the essentials, resonating in perfect harmony with the unspoken beauty intrinsic to the musical narrative of Fritz Kalkbrenner.

Fritz Kalkbrenner unveils a poetic rendition that transforms the cosmic soundscape of the track. Characterized by subdued drums, heightened percussion, and the deliberate absence of vocal samples, this rendition maintains its warm groove while taking on a nuanced evolution. A layer of spoken word is intricately interwoven, delving into the thematic content of the music video and eloquently conveying the profound idea encapsulated in the track: a poignant exploration of selfhood, encapsulating the essence of ‘Set You Free’ – the journey of being and accepting oneself.

Image Credits: © Christian Dammann (Press Kit)

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