GHEIST release a new album on their imprint Radau

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The wait is now over, as GHEIST releases their LP Zukunft on November 19th on their own imprint Radau Music, after their last pre-single “Egos.” Zukunft is German for “future,” and according to the Berlin-based trio, it’s something they’re all looking forward to.

This album takes us on an 11-song journey, a couple of which have previously been released in the last six months, to slowly but steadily lure us into their own universe of emotive, colorful, diversified, and carefully made electronic music. “Zukunft’s” overall tone looks to be a gloomy optimism, full of meaning and refreshing honesty and attitude.

Taking on the task of recording a complete album so early in their career demonstrates GHEIST’s dedication and skill, as well as providing an exciting insight into their future.

The trio aspires for an exciting club music experience and offers the possibility to listen to their music at home, with songs produced on a piano and transformed into intricate and ambitious electronic music creations. GHEIST enabled themselves to redefine their perspective on music composition while conquering the last 18 months, and the result speaks for itself. The band demonstrates their ability through different arrangements and honest lyrics, which give a closer peek into their own opinions, while relying on their values, such as breakbeats, finely created synthesizers, and exciting voices.

Creating Zukunft was a very intense and rewarding phase, which marks a new area in our musical and personal life’s. We’re filled with joy and pride, knowing we’ve never been alone throughout this entire, very fragile process, and we are thrilled and excited to finally reward the trust that has been given to us.


Their long relationship with songwriting and composing has defined their approach to creating powerful electronic music; each song represents a story, a feeling, or a moment that the trio has experienced. GHEIST is thrilled to share its work with the world once more when clubs, festivals, and events reappear.

The title of GHEIST’s record, ‘Zukunft,’ means ‘Future,’ and it is one that the three continue to look forward to with collective excitement. Their long relationship with songwriting and composing has shaped their approach to creating strong electronic music, with each song telling a narrative, evoking a sensation, or capturing a moment that has been shared by all. GHEIST are ecstatic to be able to share their art with the world once more when clubs, festivals, and events reappear.

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Stream GHEIST – Zukunft LP on Spotify:


1. GHEIST – Ashes (Original Mix)
2. GHEIST – We Are Not Alone (Original Mix)
3. GHEIST – Home Again (Original Mix)
4. GHEIST – Decourse (Original Mix)
5. GHEIST – You (Original Mix)
6. GHEIST – Zeit (Original Mix)
7. GHEIST – Higher Ground (Original Mix)
8. GHEIST – Unfinished Sympathy (Original Mix)
9. GHEIST – Egos (Original Mix)
10. GHEIST – Dancing With Demons (Original Mix)
11. GHEIST – Shoot Your Lies (Original Mix)

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