Hannes Bieger launches Elektrons with new single ‘Black Hole’

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Hannes Bieger, a name synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music, has embarked on an exciting new journey with the launch of his label, Elektrons.

Aimed at showcasing Hannes Bieger‘s signature blend of progressive and melodic techno, Elektrons serves as the perfect platform for Hannes to unleash his creativity and share his unique sound with the world. The label kicks off with ‘Black Hole’, a track that not only captivates listeners with its deep, mesmerizing rhythms but also marks the beginning of an adventurous exploration into the realms of sound Hannes Bieger is known to master.

‘Black Hole’ emerged from the depths of Hannes’ studio, a testament to his dedication to the analogue craft. With over 20 million views on social media, the track’s viral success underscores the global resonance of his music. This overwhelming response sparked the inception of Elektrons, providing Hannes with the impetus to create a dedicated space for his art. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Giorgio Moroder, ‘Black Hole’ features an enthralling bassline paired with layers of bright, melodic textures, encapsulating the essence of mid-70s proto-house disco in a contemporary techno frame.

This launch signifies a new chapter in Hannes Bieger’s career and sets a high standard for the label’s future releases. ‘Black Hole’ is a masterful blend of groove and emotion, showcasing Hannes’ prowess in crafting tracks that move both the body and the soul. As Elektrons takes off, fans can expect a continuous stream of high-quality, soul-stirring music that bridges the gap between the dancefloor and the deep, introspective journeys of the mind. Hannes Bieger’s Elektrons is poised to become a beacon for lovers of authentic, forward-thinking techno.

Image Credits: A K Berlin (Press Kit)

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