Hélène Brahem – Automn (Original Mix) [Curiosity Music]

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Far from being a newcomer in the French electronic music scene, Hélène Brahem, who first evolved under the alias Babylene, has been a musician, DJ, and producer for more than 15 years.

Hélène started her musical journey playing the harp for more than a decade and has been a rising talent since her inception. Recognizable by her musical style, Hélène is renowned for creating hypnotic sounds that are both melodic and energetic. Her first track ‘Airspace,’ released in 2011 on MINIMALMINUTS, remained the label’s best-seller for months. She has also played in some of the best electro clubs in France like Batofar, Nouveau Casino, and BT59 to name a few. Her musical influences include the likes of UMEK, Bass Kleph, and Oliver Huntemann.

For our last release of the year, we are incredibly pleased to present Hélène Brahem’s EP ‘Bird’. For this EP, Hélène composed three original tracks, mixing melancholic and enveloping sounds paired with a dark and ominous atmosphere. The first track and namesake of the EP, ‘Bird’ starts slow and heady, then transitions into a colorful and contemplative universe, with melodic marimba lines running throughout. ‘Automn‘, the second track, offers trippy and vaporous synth layers balanced with sharp metallic sounds — transporting us to an intense meditative state. Last but not least, ‘Wood‘ is the somber track that will push you headfirst into uncharted mental contemplations. Powerful crescendos lead to spatial drops, a myriad of sounds surrounds us, exciting our senses. This whole EP is an invitation to let go and be guided by the music.

Three remixes complete this EP. Only 22 years old, Raphael Hofman is a Dutch producer based in Berlin who started DJing and organizing events at the age of 16. Know for his deep and dark soundscapes, surrounded by different rhythmic structures, he offers a dancey techno house remix of ‘Wood‘ that will leave no one unmoved.

On his side, Skøllaris spoils us with two wonderful remixes of ‘Wood.’ Skøllaris is a French producer sharing his life between Paris and Berlin. He has built a mesmerizing universe where the harmony of intense low frequencies and moving melodies tell an epic story. In his first remix, he takes us into the abyss with acid sounds and an unapologetic bassline. In the second remix, the Late-Night Mix, the artist reworked the track to make it a techno dancefloor banger, ready to burn down the house with brutal drops and a crazy bassline to match.

Release date: 2021-12-10


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