Henri PFR is making a triumphant return with his new single ‘Tiger Style’

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In collaboration with Spinnin’ Records and Tomorrowland Music, Henri PFR delivers a brand-new song, ‘Tiger Style’.

The young DJ and producer Henri PFR have rapidly risen to the top of the Belgian dance scene, cementing his reputation in recent years with a number of radio singles and the platinum-selling track ‘Until The End‘. His brand-new single, ‘Tiger Style‘, marks the beginning of a new chapter in his career as well as his partnership with Tomorrowland.

Henri PFR, a producer, DJ, and pianist with classical training, is the real deal when it comes to fostering creative talent. The dance-pop sensation from Belgium, who is only 27 years old, has maintained a steady output of music and other projects throughout his career since breaking onto the market in 2013 with his enormously successful La Belle Musique Mixtape: Summer Memories.

And yet, Henri Peiffer, the DJ and producer’s real name, hasn’t been making much noise lately. There were ups and downs in the artistic hunt for the ideal tunes and a distinctive sound. Working covertly gave him peace of mind and fresh inspiration. With infectious beats, an upbeat drop, catchy vocals, and guitar riffs, ‘Tiger Style’ is a danceable tune that was obviously created for the dance floor.

Speaking about his new single, Henri says:

Tiger Style’ is a song that’s very close to my heart because the lyrics are very personal. I’ve had more ups and downs than I’d like in the past two years and sometimes there was a little dark voice in my head that held me back from enjoying things to the fullest. ‘Tiger Style’ is about the moment when you decide to take control of your destiny and live life to the fullest. To create and get things done, rather than hoping and watching what happens. For the sound I looked for a more modern touch of the hits I loved a few years ago, with a slightly melancholic touch. I’m very happy with the result and I think people can enjoy it at festivals as well as when working out or listening to it in the car.

Image Credits: © Boy Kortekaas (Press Kit)

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