Hernán Cattaneo & Verlk craft a timeless remix of Soda Stereo’s ‘En la Ciudad de la Furia’

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In a remarkable collaboration, Hernán Cattaneo and Verlk deliver a poignant release that transcends time and emotion: the Remix of “En la Ciudad de la Furia,” a cornerstone of Spanish rock by the legendary group Soda Stereo. This powerful rendition by the two visionary sound innovators pays homage to the iconic track’s rich history.

The collaboration between Hernán Cattaneo and Verlk has birthed a momentous release – the Remix of ‘En la Ciudad de la Furia,’ a seminal rock anthem by the legendary Argentinian group Soda Stereo. In the hands of these adept sound maestros, the track takes on a powerful and emotionally charged transformation that pays tribute to the enduring legacy of the original.

This remix made its debut as the closing act of the last Sunsetstrip event in Buenos Aires. The ovation from the captivated crowd resonated with the glorious sound of the revamped ‘En la Ciudad de la Furia.’ The remix, a testament to the duo’s skill in reshaping musical narratives, left an indelible mark on the audience, creating a moment of collective awe.

Hernán Cattaneo, amidst preparations for the forthcoming Sunsetstrip, has confirmed the much-anticipated 4th edition in Buenos Aires. Set to take place on March 2nd and 3rd at Ciudad Universitaria, this event promises two unforgettable sunsets with a groundbreaking proposal. The remix of ‘En la Ciudad de la Furia’ serves as a precursor to the immersive experience that awaits attendees at Sunsetstrip, where music, history, and emotion converge.

As the remix echoes the soulful notes of Soda Stereo’s classic, it not only breathes new life into a cherished anthem but also sets the stage for an unparalleled musical journey at Sunsetstrip Buenos Aires. Hernán Cattaneo and Verlk invite you to be part of this transformative experience, where the spirit of ‘En la Ciudad de la Furia’ finds a vibrant new resonance.

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