House Music Community HouseHeads announces first NFT drop and plans for metaverse nightclub

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The premiere of the first HouseHeads NFT drop will be marked by an exclusive live streaming DJ set from legendary DJ Roger Sanchez.

HouseHeads is a one-of-a-kind new collection of hand-drawn digital collectibles that honors the global house music scene and its progress over the years. New York’s DJ superstar Roger Sanchez has joined the community and will debut the first drop on Thursday, March 10th at 4 pm EST/9 pm GMT via with an exclusive two-hour live-streamed set from Miami, Florida.

It is gradually establishing itself as the most genuine and unique online house music community. It features a colorful, strong visual identity with a focus on connecting music fans all across the world through the HouseHeads Discord. It has already naturally grown up a pleasant, inclusive, and extremely active community in a very short period of time. It’s there that the best of club culture and the NFT world collide for a night of lighthearted fun and a return to the same sense of unity and camaraderie that distinguished house music’s early days 40 years ago.

HouseHeads will soon be an elite metaverse nightclub that will offer exceptional one-off events and international DJ sets, with only HouseHeads NFT holders having access. HouseHeads NFT holders will have privileged access to real-world events, as well as HouseHeads products and a club-wear clothing line.

The inaugural HouseHeads release is a collection of 8008 individually hand-drawn NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain and are inspired by the renowned Roland TR-808 drum machine that created the house sound. Each NFT honors the house music cultural movement and its progress over time, and your own HouseHead NFT doubles as your membership card. You will have full intellectual property ownership as well as priority admission to the HouseHeads metaverse club, where you may listen to special DJ sets, buy merch, and much more.

As the world moves to the metaverse, this collection allows you to own your own piece of music history for the first time in history. Make sure you are a part of the revolution!

Head over to for more information.

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